Pet Pointers: Helping Dogs with Mobility Issues

media-1As dogs age, their mobility can suffer. Veterinarian Dr. Faith Banks explains how to make getting around easier for senior pooches.

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How Do You Do What You Do?

media-4If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this question… I’d have lots of dollars!! What amazes me most about this question, is it is often asked by the people whose home I am in, while we are sitting around their now sedated, beloved pet, as we are about to begin the euthanasia process. I feel the answer is obvious, it is right in front of them. Sleeping peacefully, sometimes even snoring. I do it for their pets, I do it for them, I do it for me.

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What to say to someone who is grieving the death of a pet


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Pet Pointers: Evaluating Quality of Life for Older Pets

media-2Older pets sometimes have special needs. Dr. Faith Banks of Midtown Mobile Veterinary Services in Toronto explains how to evaluate their quality of life and if it needs to be improved.

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Toronto vet offers at-home palliative care for beloved pets

media-5Veterinarian Dr. Faith Banks offers pets and their owners support and help when they are saying goodbye.

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